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The high failure rate of small businesses gives credence to the relevance of business mentorship. Accordingly, AgBIT has put in place a robust, well targeted mentorship program which is designed to enable mentees acquire the skills they require in order to steer their businesses to growth through the critical early years of existence. AgBIT mentorship is tailored to the needs of each individual entrepreneur, providing them necessary hand-holding, one-on-one support, long lasting collaboration and insights into current practical industry issues from respected industry experts and successful entrepreneurs. AgBIT has mobilized a strong class of business mentors, which includes bank MDs, experienced CEOs, and successful entrepreneurs, who all volunteer to support young and upcoming entrepreneurs to expand their businesses.

Business and Technical Topics Explored

Key areas of Mentorship:

  • ∴ Business Management
  • ∴ Marketing
  • ∴ Food Safety and quality management
  • ∴ Financial Management
  • ∴ Business plan development
  • ∴ Leadership and governance
  • ∴ Networking
  • ∴ Joint Ventures
  • ∴ Technology Commercialization
  • ∴ Business Legal Requirements
  • ∴ Business Ethics
  • ∴ Costing and pricing
  • ∴ Sourcing funds
  • ∴ Entrepreneurial Competences/skills