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About AgBIT

  • Agribusiness Incubation Trust (AgBIT) Limited is Zambia’s pioneer agribusiness incubator, focused on accelerating innovation and the growth of scalable enterprises in the sector. Established with the initial support of Danida through the UniBRAIN Facility, AgBIT is a unique public-private-partnership initiative bringing together the private sector, research and university community to provide the requisite environment critical to enabling the sustainable take-off and growth of agribusiness startups and SMEs.

  • Through its Business Incubation program, AgBIT is supporting the rapid growth of small but high-potential enterprises (SMEs) and startups in the agribusiness sector, minimizing the risk of business failure in their formative years, and encouraging more innovation.

  • Anchored on the strength of its unique consortium, the AgBIT incubator takes leadership in the commercialization of available agribusiness technologies, providing strong business mentorship to SMEs, linking smallholders to markets, strengthening the supply chain, and delivering quality business development services to SMEs and producers alike.

  • AgBIT’s business incubation goes beyond business training to providing key mentorship and client-tailored support to high-potential entrepreneurs and farmer cluster enterprises.
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